Need an argumentative essay on Review of Capital State Arena. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The theatrical lighting system needed for the arena was important because it would be installed in a way that it would light different events. hence, displaying different moods.

The committee involved in the lighting of the arena understood that there was a need for the lighting console of the new facility. Therefore, they had to come up with a plan that would make the arena sell during the off-season where no sports were being held (Moser, 2006). However, a lighting console that can change moods, and accommodate different event was computer controlled and the lease rate was at $2,000per day in addition to the operator expenses. The products that were available for the committee were from three different companies. They included the CAE who manufactures Leprecon LP-3000, ETC manufactures of ETC Obsession II and Strand who manufactures Strand 520. The service providers provided a dealer network information, specific information about each console and a warranty repair station list. Therefore, with this information the committee had the expertise of choosing the correct lighting console for the arena.

Various features were identified in the three consoles that seemed similar. However, to help in the decision-making process a list was provided to indicate how the committee should select the console. Where the console should be user friendly in the sense that, the programming of the console should only have few keystrokes. hence, eliminating the need to have a technician employed on retainer to keep the system on. It should be accessible to the theatre department where it can be used a teaching aide, especially when it is not in use. The console should be inflatable and the software should be upgradable. This is because today the consoles are computer driven and for that reason, they should be flexible to ensure that they accommodate upgradability.

The console should be manufactured in the United

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