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The BBC monitoring group of the presidential election in Russia outlined the profiles of successful presidential candidates in the 2012 election. This move was meant to inform the public about the persons they were likely to elect into office. Key details presented were the lives, previous services, and eligibility factors for the five successful presidential candidates.

In so doing, an assessment or evaluation concept emerges, where the candidates’ merit to the public can be prepared. This press document denotes one of the primary functions of the media towards the society. The ultimate objective is to have the media evaluate the relative political welfare in Russia.

Trends in global politics have become deeply rooted in democracy. This democracy has subsequently resulted in the proliferation of diplomacy among world states. For the Discovery World, diplomacy is a diverse and dynamic concept. What this means is that approaches to diplomacy differ from one country to another. What constitutes effective and efficient diplomacy in Russia does not necessary do in the United Kingdom. This document, therefore, highlights interstate diplomacy, politics, and media engagement differentials. The idea is to mobilize the public to be more vigilant as they undertake their constitutional right of participating in presidential elections.

Political outcomes are often uncertain and subject to criticism from different players in the public domain. This press file highlights arguments for and against the outcome of the Russian election of the year 2012. For the media, the primary focus is directed towards what observers said. However, the situation is different to the voters. Voters had five candidates to choose their president from. Whether or not the observers’ remarks were true, the voters reserved the secretion to elect the preferred president. Over and above the mere reporting of what

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