Complete 25 page APA formatted essay: The Medication Technician.

Medication technicians are also referred to as medication aides, medication assistants, certified residential care medication aide, medication assistive person, registered medication aide, medication aide credentialed, qualified medication aide, etc. The duties of medication aides are determined according to the medical practice act of every state. It is not required for medical assistants working under the direct supervision of a physician to become a medication technician in order to be able to administer medication.

A medication technician is involved in distributing and administering medications to patients. They usually work under doctoral supervision. They assist patients in consuming medications topically, orally or intravenously. They are required to follow strict medical protocol and administer correct dosages in the right manner. They are also required to supervise patients to make sure that no adverse reactions are occurring. The complete medication history and medication records of patients have to be maintained by medication technicians for each medication that has been administered (Durgin and Hanan, 2004). A medication technician is required to know the proper methodology of administering all kinds of medications, whether they are administered topically, orally, intravenously, vaginally, rectally or transdermally. They should also possess knowledge on medication administration through nebulizers, inhalers and tubes.

Medication technicians administering medications to patients should be free of communicable infections such as sore throat, cold or open lesions (Durgin and Hanan, 2004). This requirement is of importance, both for the drug administrator and the patient. Patients are often susceptible to acquiring nosocomial infections as they are weak and because their immune system could be compromised because of radiation therapy, surgery and other such procedures in addition to other reasons such as disease, malnutrition or

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