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However, I was surprised to realize that it is not the faculty decision to change the evaluation methods. The decision is up to the dean of The Applied Medical Science who is not even a nurse. I think having such a bureaucratic system decreases innovation and creativity in a nursing college. It was great to know that yyyy University has modified its curriculum. More Nursing courses have been added to the program and include Nursing Informatics, Care of Older Adults, Principles of Education for Nurses, Counseling, Epidemiology, Nursing Theory, and Genetics for Nurses. I think adding these courses is a great move forward because it happens after hiring new faculties who get their PhDs in education from developed countries. This change makes me feel better about the future of nursing in Saudi Arabia because there is apt of improvement that just needs passionate personnel. The faculties were very welcoming and they accepted my ideas and me. Additionally, they were very encouraging especially because some of them had been my instructors when I was undergraduate student. They were also very proud of my accomplishments. That made me happy and more excited to go back to Saudi and contribute to the improvement of nursing education and ultimately nursing care in my country.

I also feel grateful because I contributed to changes at Yanbu College in Yanbu city in Saudi Arabia. My brother is an associate professor at Yanbu Collage and teaches chemical engineering. I discussed with him the teaching pedagogies, the assessment, and evaluation methods I learned at xxxxx. At that time, I realized that having a PhD in a field does not mean that you can teach well. This is because my brother has a PhD in Chemical Engineering but he did not know how to be an effective educator. I was very excited telling him everything I could possibly remember from NUR 504, NUR 528, and NUR 600 courses. He liked the flipped classroom strategy

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