Write a 11 page essay on Primary Prevention of Childhood Obesity.

g is a factor for a child’s potential body weight in the near future, the article that I have chosen supports its claims through testing of certain samples of mothers who breastfeed and those who do not and the effects of such on their children’s eating patterns at the time they become one-year olds.

Conducted by several medical practitioners, the article is entitled straightforwardly the “Association of Breastfeeding with Maternal Control of Infant Feeding at Age 1 Year.” The objective of course was not just to prove that there is an existing relation between breastfeeding and obesity but to examine whether due to breastfeeding in the first six months of a baby’s life, the mother become less restrictive and less controlling of their children’s food intake, and they become more attuned with the children’s needs, if the child is hungry or not. Since there is no restriction or controls around, this gives the children the opportunity to regulate their own needs of energy intake and less chance of becoming obese (Taveras, et al, 2004).

Specifically, the article proves this theory by studying the association between the occurrences of breastfeeding in the babies’ first six months, the extent of such breastfeeding and the mothers’ actions with regard to these children’s access to food after one year. To discuss the details, the researchers provided modified Child Feeding Questionnaires at 1 year postpartum for the sample mothers to measure whether the mothers at this time are restricting their children’s food intake or pressuring their children to consume more food. By restricting, it means that the mothers are actually conscious of the amount of food they are feeding to their children, making sure that it is not too much. The logic of this testing is to see whether the children’s eating patterns were being controlled by the time they reach one year of age, and this is correlated with the occurrence or non-occurrence of breastfeeding in the

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