Hi, need to submit a 2750 words essay on the topic Law Practice Management.

It entails targeting a specific market or community that is easily identifiable. The decision that was unanimously arrived at is that we should carve out our niche in Computer law. This area of law, deals with securing information that is stored and/or transmitted through computers.

There is a horde of reasons for choosing this specific area of specialization. To begin with, our existing clientele mainly draws out from this area, and they have a capacity to sustain our entity in the short run and help us to breakeven within the first year of operation. Secondly, we have the necessary educational background, and passion for this specific niche, individually and collectively.

In addition, this is a developing area, with a greatly promising future. Internet has had a profound impact on the society in the past few years and the nature of its dynamic changes creates a lot of emerging legal uncertainty. In addition, there is an increase in the number of legislations enacted in the recent past, such as Computer Security Act of 1987 and Health Information Technology of 2009.

To add, it touches basically on every other sphere of law from, e-commerce, Intellectual Property (IP), privacy to online money payment systems. Moreover, it is cross cutting and is not limited in terms of boundaries, and it, in essence, makes boundaries more and more meaningless. More importantly, it has an untapped potential, and growth rate is exponential, given that the number of Americans using internet or having access to internet grows day by day. In addition, most organizations have automated their mode of operation and it is basically possible to complete all manner of transactions online. This market has few practitioners as compared to the potential market, and the existing market is highly untapped.

The entity we have chosen to adopt and register is in the form of a professional association, registered as an S corporation under the laws

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