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These areas are places that have been damaged by destructive events, such as fires, and have been cleared of existing vegetation, such as trees.

1b. Biotic components are the living things that form the environment, such as predators, while abiotic components are the non-living things in an organism’s environment, s

uch as temperature and light. These components can change the equilibrium of the ecosystem in the sense that the ecosystem can only function as a whole, and not in parts (“Biotic”). The biotic components of an environment, whether they be prey or predator, factors into what organisms are currently dwelling in that area and which one is the dominating species. If a certain species were to become endangered or extinct, the ecosystem would be thrown off-balance as it would now be missing both a predator and a prey.

Furthermore, if the abiotic factors change, damage can also be done to the ecosystem. If the temperature in a hot, dry area suddenly changes to cold and wet, the organisms that have grown accustomed to the hot climate will not be able to strive with the changes, as they were not created to tolerate it. These factors will greatly, and negatively, affect the biotic factors, throwing off the entire ecosystem. If the ecosystem is not balanced, it cannot survive.

2b. The natural cycle of progression in an ecosystem involves the need for things to grow and then die so that new life can feed off the old life (BioScience). The old organisms need to give way to allow new organisms – whether they are of the same species or not – to grow and to strive. Just as with any aspect of any life, life comes from death. it strives off of what was previously there and makes a new environment for itself. If a new organism appears, it can offer new environmental components to its surroundings.

3b. Some of the mechanisms that can help an ecosystem’s recovery from a

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