Write 3 page essay on the topic Two Years before the Mast by Richard Henry Dana.

It is the combination of never-ending fascination and miserable life, clubbed together. The Sea Captain’s orders to the sailors indicate the shape of thing to come in the long and arduous voyage through the sea and throws light on the life of the sailor and the discipline with which the sailor has to fall in line. Dana writes about what the Captain says, “All you’ve got to do is to obey your orders and do your duty like men,–then you’ll fare well enough.–if you don’t, you’ll fare hard enough,–I can tell you. If we do today’s work, pull together, you will find me a clever fellow. if we don’t you will find me a bloody rascal—That’s all I’ve got to say,–Go below, the larboard watch!” (Chapter 2, par 2). A common sailor has to face the challenges related to the relationship between the officers and the crew, do varied types of jobs, maintain strict discipline or invite severe punishment, including floggings, and has opportunities to tour the markets in different harbor-cities and meet the people belonging to different cultures, exchange autobiographical stories with the sailors, and enjoy the experiences of contacts with other ships.

The best of the career opportunities have advantages and disadvantages – so is the case with the life of a sailor. As a sailor, one can travel to many places, and enjoy the pleasure cruises because of the shipboard duty. The main issue about this career is that a sailor will be away from the family for a long period, 5 to 6 months at a stretch. But the sailor gets good compensation in another part of his life. Seeing exotic places, interaction with great and experienced colleagues is the rewarding experience. Nothing can compensate the family, the wife and the children as for that long separation though. But the technological advancement and internet revolution has made the communication and contacts through e-mails and voice recordings, sending pictures at regular&nbsp.intervals possible.

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