Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Cat People (Jacques Tourneur, 1942).

The generic setting focuses on the historical discussion of cat people. Irena fears that sexual arousal will turn her into a leopard. Irena’s fears are confirmed when she turns into a leopard after her psychologist, Dr. Louis Judd, kisses her. The setting includes the usual wrong movie scene diagnosis by psychologists. The setting includes generic sad endings (death of Irena).

The atmosphere or mood of the play is generic fear. Irena fears that she may turn into a leopard after being sexually aroused. Her rival, Alice Moore, fears that Irena will kill her in a fit of jealousy. Oliver fears Irena may kill both Oliver and Alice because they had betrayed Irena’s trust. One scene shows Alice running fast as she tries to escape someone or something following close behind. Another scene shows Alice shouting for help as she hears a leopard roar during one of her swimming activities (Manchel, 1990).

In terms of generic cinematography, the camera is perfectly located. Perfect location ensures the black and white picture comes out very vividly and continuously throughout the year. The characters perfectly move from one scene to another in effortless manner. The cameras continually zoom in to show the facial expressions of the actors and actresses. The entire film is done in black and white colour (Manchel, 1990).

Further, the lighting is magnificently done. The lighting enhances the story. The lighting vividly shows the facial expressions of the actors and actresses. The people have a better view of the surrounding movie scenes. The lighting increases the fear theme of the movie (Manchel, 1990).

The color of the film is shown to have only generic two colors. One color is black. The other color is white. The two colors reduce the beauty of the film. Films with different colours are more pleasing to the eyes compared to black and white movies. The black and white film does not show the vibrant colours of the

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