Write a 9 page essay on Successful security management.

The various area of security that needs attention include:

Dalton (2003) traces the roots of contemporary corporate security back to the role of the night watchman prior to the 1960s. In this guise the job of security personnel within businesses entailed little more than acting as a lookout with a primary role of early warning in case of incidents such as fire.

Throughout the 1960s and into the latter half of the 20th century this limited early role began to expand and fire watches began to take on more classical security duties including controlling access and egress from properties, patrolling and maintaining perimeter fences and general guarding duties (Gill, 2006). Dalton terms this the ‘Green Shack Era’ as activities were typically based out of such shacks located by the main gate (Gill, 2006).

While security management progressed at varying speeds within industries different and between individual organizations a growing role for security departments within the corporate world was apparent. For the most part it moved out of the so-called green shacks and into offices embarking on what Dalton describes as the ‘Physical Security Era’ (Gill, 2006). With the arrival of the physical security era corporate security continued to perform duties such as security patrols but in addition took on responsibilities for responding to medical emergencies, controlling traffic, monitoring equipment, escorting employees and staffing front desks (Gill, 2006). This entirely defensive approach to corporate security could be considered the trademark of the physical security era and to an extent it remains the ethos behind security departments in many large businesses today (Gill, 2006).

One of the effects of globalization has been a proliferation in the number of threats which face large organizations with exposure to operational risks all over the world. This in turn has made the job of protecting businesses much more complicated and means the

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