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Anishinaabe children as their first language learn Anishinaabemowin directly from their parents.

Anishinaabe and Anishinini distribution started around 1800 to 1900. The spelling of the name Anishinaabe varied greatly with variants ending in -eg/ek for example in Anishinaabeg and Anishinabek) originate from plural of Algonquian,

while those that end in an -e originate from a singular of Algonquian. The primary cause of loss or decline of indigenous language such as Anishinaabe in North America is the onset of European colonization and wars in 1492 to 1776. In 1637, for example Pequot war almost brings Pequots to extinction and led to influx of pilgrims who took the land (Simpson, 2000). In 1641 colonists from Europe introduced scalping by giving bounties for Indian scalps. Ojibwe pushed downward along the sides of Lake Huron during these conflicts with the Iroquois and by the end of 1701 they controlled major parts of southern Ontario and Lower Michigan.

The Ojibwe, who have been spreading westward for generations, arrive at the land currently called Minnesota. They came across the forest-dwelling people of Dakota occupying there already. The further spread of the Ojibwe group into Wisconsin and Minnesota resulted in contact with the Eastern, or Santee Dakota. In the War of 1812 (1812-1814) America declared the war on British Empire and as a result French and Brits are no longer threats as Anishinaabe autonym.

The Treaty of Prairie du Chien established border between Ojibwe and Dakota in the Michigan territory (Minnesota) on August 19, 1825. The Ojibwe people moved to the current homes in Prairie Provinces of Canada where they are calling themselves Nakaw?.

In an attempt to spread languages of European in the Americas were driven by the desire of colonists’ in push for administrative efficiency, and have now condemned the cultural and racial European supremacy notions (Lipsitz, 2008). After

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