Write a 8 page essay on Healtha nd social services and policy issuese.

Organizations offering such services seek to facilitate minimizing the monetary burden by hindering the obligation imposed on the local authorities by relatively more expensive residential care services. The organizations offering domiciliary care services to the targeted group of clients need to be efficient and prompt in delivery of services,

considering the nature and scope of their duties and hence active steps need to be taken to ensure effective service delivery, provision of high quality services, and satisfying the health needs of the individuals relying on their services, in the best possible manner.

This paper on Health and Social Care services and Policy Issues is aimed at analyzing and investigating issues concerning productivity of the private domiciliary care services and develop means and alternatives in the form of effective policies and practices to combat the various challenges posed. This paper also seeks to look at the prospective alternatives and choose the best possible solution for improving and enhancing organizational productivity by taking into consideration performance management issues along with other key issues concerning labor efficiency, availability of skilled labor, finances available for provision of efficient services etc.

Domiciliary care services that offer adult community care comprises of a varied range of services which are designed, developed and delivered in affiliation with a host of essential factors including service users, carers, healthcare providers as well as other social groups and suppliers belonging to the constitutional and autonomous sectors. These services are designed to fulfill the assessment needs of a considerable portion of population, comprising of individuals, families, as well as communities as a whole which are in dire need of availing support, personal health care and protection. Such services are chiefly intended to endorse and safeguard the vulnerable

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