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2. The authors describe the MITT protocol in the Statistical Analysis section of the methods. What do you feel are some benefits and limitations of using an “Intent to Treat” method for analyzing the data? Does it influence your interpretation of the study results knowing that the researchers used this method?

I felt that MITT benefits a change in treatment policy rather than potential benefits of patients.

Some of its limitation includes full application only in completed outcome, variations in handling deviations, and potential for biases because of some missing data which might influence the interpretation of study results.

The baseline/screening period for the study was one week and the treatment period lasted for 12 weeks. The authors had provided evidence from other research, not to justify the length of the study, but to justify the hypothesis that whole-grain RTE cereals can reduce the low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in adults with overweight and obesity. The evidences provided include those of Saltzman and colleagues who conduct the same study for six weeks and an incited study that reduced cholesterol level from baseline for two weeks (Maki, et al, 2010, 212).

5. Identify 3 exclusion criteria for participation in this study (Methods section). For each of the criteria that you chose, why do you think they needed to be excluded? Do you feel that these exclusion criteria affected the study’s validity (positively or negatively)?

There are several exclusion criteria in the study but I chose the participants who use weight loss medications within 2 months before screening or supplements, programs, or meal replacement products within 2 weeks before screening because with these interventions, researcher cannot determine whether the whole-grain RTE cereal is effective in reducing LDL or it is the medications, supplements, programs, or meal replacements taken. participants with known sensitivity to any of the

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