Need an argumentative essay on Peer Review. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

This draft exhibits a clear understanding of the task at hand that shows a clearly researched assignment. However, the author confines herself to a superficial analysis of the issues and avoids making a personal analysis. The author largely quotes what other authors have found and, in my opinion, does not make analysis’ that are expected in order to provide a well-argued paper. T

his has the overall effect of reducing the effectiveness of the draft and this makes it unsophisticated and unreflective of the author’s level of study.

This paper has several main points that have been spread out. They have been excellently placed as they develop with the expected argument of the paper and are clearly outlined. They are easy to find and understand.

The main ideas have been supported by evidence mostly from primary sources. This makes the arguments concrete but the author fails to adequately analyze the evidence and give her opinion. This makes the paper sound like a recital of other people’s ideas. The best way is for the author to analyze the evidence as it develops and makes observations that will merge her arguments in a stronger way to the evidence adduced.

The introduction is well structured and informs the reader of what to expect and more importantly in what order the information is going to be presented. It is clear and gives a perfect picture of the entire draft.

The paragraphs are well structured and have a coherent flow that ensures the draft is easily understood. The transitions between the paragraphs make the draft effective in communicating s they merge the different ideas and provide unified idea.

“Are physicians more interested in making money or receiving a kick back from the pharmaceutical companies by using their drugs? Instead they should be focusing on the well-being of their patients.”

The main strengths of this draft are that it is well structured and the author

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