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Tragedy befell Geraldo shortly after their meeting. Geraldo’s involvement in an accident changed plans for them. Marin accompanied Geraldo to the hospital where he died. At the time of his death, he had nothing that could identify him. The narrator mentioned that even his family always wondered about his disappearance to the north.

On the other hand, Faulkner describes multiple mysteries in Emily’s life as a flashback from her burial which is in the initial setting (Shmoop 1). The story has five settings that build up the life of Emily until her death. Through the narrator’s flashback, the reader realizes where Emily’s family is coming. Emily’s family belonged to the old system of aristocracy in the south. The family that was once highly respected slowly declined in status with time. The decline came because of emerging modernity and civilization. Emily’s father exerted control over her daughter’s life and the disqualifying majority of the suitors and Emily ended up lonely and desperate. After her father’s death, the mayor excused the family from paying taxes in Jefferson. A new form of government took over the leadership of Jefferson and the instituted new projects. Homer moved to Jefferson to work on one of these projects. He later became part of Emily’s life, a venture that led to his death. Emily poisoned him and kept his body. However, Homer’s tragedy comes out during the burial. It is only at the burial that the people of Jefferson get to know some aspects of the real Emily who had alienated herself from the entire world (Shmoop 2).

Faulkner’s story is set in the southern Jefferson reflecting the changing times. Emily’s family and house act the only memories of the status of Jefferson in its past. Emily’s family represents the fading glory of the old times. The author uses Emily to paint a picture of the real process of embracing modernity in society.

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