Hi, need to submit a 1500 words essay on the topic Levels of obesity.

Besides, the inadequate desire to follow active lifestyles contributes equally to obesity as much as the laziness concerning exercising and keeping health does. Many people have less information on the threat of obesity in their lives, hence ignoring the numerous campaigns and interventions made by different agencies to highlight the impact of obesity in the human lifestyle. In general, the lack of accountability and responsibility sums up the major reason behind the escalating statistics of obesity.

This essay will evaluate the importance of government interference in trying to decrease the levels of obesity. It will scrutinize the different strategies applied by the UK and USA governments in tackling this health menace. Indeed, both governments acknowledge the fact that obesity is not just a social problem, but a hindrance to economic growth as well (Cecchini & Sassi, 2012). Therefore, both governments have come up with intensive collaborative processes that deliver comprehensive manuals containing the desirable nutrition, lifestyles and exercises that aim at reducing and possibly eliminating the problem of obesity.

Evidently, it is the role of every government to improve the social health of the society and the citizens at large. Trough intervening in tackling obesity, the government aims at reducing the death rate arising from the diseases caused by obesity. As earlier mentioned, obesity because a myriad of diseases that threaten to terminate the lives of people at earlier ages than expected.

In addition to that, the cost of obesity is extremely high if the above diseases are factored in. Given the high cost of attaining quality medication, the government opted to reduce the burden of health complications caused by obesity. Potentially, obese individuals visit health facilities more frequently than their healthier weight counterparts do. These numerous visits translate to higher medical bills and consequently

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