I will pay for the following essay Lighting design makes the stage real and bigger. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

These lights were also turned down to set the mood and to create the emotion in the audience when scenes took on a more serious tone or hinted at romanticism. These primary colors, when combined, were used to create different colors outside of the primary group, including cyan, magenta, and yellow so as to express details more vividly during the production.

Using the different color combinations, the lighting design was able to blend both elements of fantasy with realism. Because “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” has likely been an audience favorite since the 16th Century, it is necessary to create the sense of majesty and awe deserving of the production, thus switching back and forth between more subtle colors and more vibrant colors manages to pay homage to the play and to the characters performing on stage.

The background lighting, especially, served to enhance the overall size of the stage and make the performers and the various props used for the play seem bigger and more majestic. A large white screen is utilized during the production which is backlit by similar colors to those in the play’s foreground. For example, when the play’s characters are performing a scene in the forest, the background light is turned to a vibrant green so as to illustrate the feelings and sensations accompanied by forest life as well as creating the sensation of fantasy.

During one particular scene, when the play’s characters are having a celebration in a beautiful palace, the aforementioned white screen is lit to orange to capture the sensations of joy and happiness in a celebratory atmosphere. This lighting scheme created the illusion that the stage had become quite larger (much like a palace’s interior rooms) and made the audience feel as if they were actually part of a medieval celebration. Had the white screen been lit to a

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