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‘Reflection-inaction occurs during the experience and involves making sense of the experience while it is happening.’ Beard & Wilson (2002:197). When being supervised how to distribute medication, I was shown the medication policy – used by the organization, which involved following the following.

I realised that the medication policy where the distribution of medication is controlled was just a method or a way of cutting the budget to enhance the survival of the organization.

This form of budget cut had adverse impacts on the organization. For example, the controlled medication ensures that less medication is used among the residents and this reduces the funding that the organization may receive. In most cases, when there is no use of resources, then no funding is done. Controlled medication also resuls to understaffing in the organization since the numbers of medications administered to the residents are very few.

At this point, i was still a new member of staff therefore, I had to listen attentively to the director of the organization while he was giving me the instructions on medication policy. Through this i came to realise with time that my listening skills were developing. Attentive listening is an effective listening skill [Anderson 1993 page 108].

As the day went on, I was shown how to use the Alcohawk, which is used to breathalyze the residents, which needs to be carried out three times a day by a member of staff.The use of Alcohawk which is minimized to only three times a day by each member of staff was a form of budget cut in the ogarnization.

To date, I have carried out five tests with the residents. Once each breathalyze had been done, it must be logged in the medication file so that other staff are aware of the results for next time. If the Alco hawk gave, a reading over 0.001 then that must be investigated and further questions must be asked as to whether the resident in

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