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Everyone who reads will be moved to assume responsibility over the current state of the environment and the diseases that lurk in our planet.

One of Steingarber’s major claims is that people are ignorant about the pressing issues concerning the preservation of the environment and human health.

For the author, these two things are inseparable. Caring for the environment means caring for human health and vice versa. As such, the diseases from which many people suffer are found or caused by their environment. However, people are unaware of this problem. To prove her claim, Steingraber uses statistical data to illustrate how pesticides harm us. She cites that “75,000 chemicals now in commercial use, somewhat fewer than 5 to 10 percent of [can] be considered carcinogenic in humans. Five to 10 percent means 3,750 to 7,500 different chemicals. The number of substances we have identified and regulate as carcinogens is, at present, less than 200” (Steingraber 131). Additionally, she states that different types of cancer appear and cases get worse due to people’s unawareness of the cause. This information is truly surprising, and its impact on readers is deep.

The identity of the author adds to the impact of her message. Her first-hand experience as a cancer patient makes her a credible commenter on environmental issues. With her personal reflections, she speaks directly to readers and convinces them to take her stand. Many science books are rather difficult to read due to the overflowing data they contain but Steingraber’s book, although it deals with science, is extraordinarily enticing because of the personal appeal of the author. She designed the book to make it appear literary while it contains factual and statistical evidences. The result of this style is an interesting work that readers will find easy to read and engaging.

The narrative is made emotionally impactful by the personal

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