Need an argumentative essay on Role of islam in reducing mental health illness. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Islam has been a major contributor in relieving a person from such disorders. Mental illnesses have been treated and a patient with mental disorders cured of their disease with the help of Islamic teachings.

According to some saying, even reading The Quran relieves stress and gives a person relief of mind and soul. Islam teaches a person to live and let go which means that past has gone and one shall not dwell in it rather they should focus more on their future. Also, a major stress reliever according to the teachings of Islam is one’s belief in this world being temporary. According to Islam, if one truly believes that this world is temporary, they would not worry about what happens here but work hard to make the life after a better one. Also, the belief of a person that whatever happens here in this world has a reason and Allah has planned something even better for them would give them relief from such worldly worries and they would live a stress free life. The prohibition of drugs and alcohol in Islam also helps a person avoid mental illnesses since drugs are a major cause of these diseases and avoiding drugs avoids these diseases.

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