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There are three components of expectancy theory, which are expectancy, valence, and instrumentality.

In expectancy, the belief is that the efforts of an individual’s determine their attainment of desired performance and goals. To do so, the individuals have to develop their self-efficacy by assessing whether they have the required skills and knowledge to achieve the desired goals. Goals difficulty occurs when the set goals are set too high or the achievement of the performance expectations are set too hard. This leads to low expectancy especially when the desired results of an individual are un-attainable according to the beliefs of the individual. An individual may also get the perceived control where they believe that there is some degree of control over their expected outcome. If such individuals believe that the outcome is beyond their perceived outcomes, then their ability to influence is low leading to low motivation.

In instrumentality, individuals believe that they will receive a reward if they meet the performance expectations set. This may be in form of a promotion, salary increment, or recognition. Valence, on the other hand, is the individuals’ beliefs in the reward of certain outcome. It is based on their goals, motivational factors, and values. Expectancy theory is related to nursing management in that it allows the nurse managers to ensure that their employees are well motivated to maximize on their potential. It ensures that the nurse managers come up with policies to ensure that each successful outcome of the nurses’ performance is rewarded. They ensure that the efforts made by all the nurses will result into attainment of desired goals and objectives (Yoder-Wise, 2014). To do so, the nurses have to have the required belief in their ability to achieve the set goals and ensure that the goals set are not too high for the nurse to achieve.


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