Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Diffusion of Responsibility.

There are certain situations in which the probability of showing a pro-social behavior is greater i.e. when a person is really happy/ guilty about something/belong to a small town and like helping people who share the same type of living (Bierhoff, 2002).

Apart from certain situations, pro-social behaviors differ between genders as well. Men tend to help women more and women show a lesser responsibility to help where there are a lot of men, as they get depended and think that they are supposed to help. At the end of the day, things behind such behavior are concern, generosity, and empathy that compel a person to benefit the other

In one of the studies undertaken by Lillian ‘Subway Samaritans’, diffusion of responsibility was studied and the researcher tried to find out what exactly is the condition that compels a person to help and not to help the other person while they are in a subway station around hundreds of people. Well, this study has conveyed one of the conditions in which diffusion of responsibility might occur. Here, there were two stooges i.e. a drunk with a bottle in his hand and another one was an old man with a hand carry.

They both tried to pretend and asked for help. Here, diffusion of responsibility occurred where women tried to be less helpful for the drunk than the other as they were hesitant and women thought that it will be more appropriate that men get up and show their pro-social behavior and this is how responsibility was diffused. This is how it can happen due to stereotypical thinking in any of the two genders (Bierhoff, 2002).

Another situation can also occur in a classroom among a number of students and a teacher. This can be, for example, that the student, in case of the other student tripping off from his chair, might not show is helping behavior as he will think that there are many of his friends around who will surely get&nbsp.up and help him to stand up from the ground.

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