Write 14 page essay on the topic To what extent can the doctrine of the hypostatical union be traced back to the teaching and spiritual practice of early Christian church.

Whereas it might be tempting to assert the fact that the early Christian movement was somehow uneducated or inadequate to discern key levels of philosophical inference, individuals at the forefront of developing Christian theology were oftentimes the most educated members of society of that particular era. Accordingly, rather than delving into a broad discussion of the misunderstandings and disagreements that existed within early Christian thought, this particular analysis will instead focus specifically on the issue of disagreement related to what is known as the hypostatic union which was understood to have been exhibited within the person of Christ as he lived on earth. In simple terms, the hypostatic union denotes the fact that Christ exhibited both a divine and godly nature alongside a human one. Although this is excepted prima fascia among almost all believers of the Christian faith within the current world, it was a great deal of disagreement and argument that existed within the early church as doctrines were formulated and theology based upon Christ’s nature was defined. In this way, the following analysis will seek to provide and historical overview and prospectus with regard to how these differing approaches ultimately came to be considered as Christian canon throughout the ages.

Before delving directly into the issue of a definition of the hypostatic union, it is necessary to appreciate the fact that this particular term did not originate with early Christian doctrine and/or theology. Instead, hypostasis was originally coined by the stoicism movement within ancient Greece. as denoting being of two natures at the same time. As individuals within the Stoic movement sought to incorporate this concept within their daily lives, it was a relevant term that was known among educated individuals within the early Christian

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