Hi, need to submit a 2000 words essay on the topic The effect of culture in International Marketing.

It is known that culture has a profound influence on peoples’ lifestyles, their preferences & tastes. this is important knowledge for marketing managers as tastes greatly affect purchasing behavior and trends. In addition, the nation’s attitude toward culture would impact on consumers’ behaviour, consumers’ lifestyle and beliefs. Therefore the power of culture causes consumption lifestyle among society. Hofstede and Trompenaars indicated that there is a level of cultural influence to purchasing around most of the countries, and an understanding of consumption practices can be made if the key attributes cultural influences are well known.

As mentioned above, internationalization is closely associated with the standards of products, and this is in turn associated with proper coordination and execution of functions in the firm’s quality departments. The internationalization process of organizations is demonstrated by universal exchange theories. Considerations for internationalization are divided into two categories i.e. macroeconomic and microeconomic theories. (Dierkes 1999).

Microeconomic scholars like Levitt, Ohmae, Howl, and Vernon have studied and written a lot on what inspires many organizations to strive so that they can achieve international recognition in terms of product ranges and market presence. The answer to internationalization practice by many firms is found in macroeconomic theories. The theories are concerned with and consider mostly on what factors and considerations inform many firms’ decisions to go international.

The international product life cycle (IPLC) theories from Raymond Vernon (1966) explain the distribution methodology of companies’ expansion across national boundaries. The theory shows that many product lines are in the first place produced and processed in certain nations with the target of being sold on the international market. It very well and

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