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143). Many economies advocated for use of renewable sources of energy to mitigate the possibility of energy crisis. As a result, governments turned to hydro generated electricity for sustainability. The recent concern is the high cost of energy across domestic and industrial applications. This has led to need of alternative energy that is cheaper to supplement other energy sources. Solar energy is the most efficient alternative source of renewable energy since the sun is freely available.

Robert et al.’s book focuses on weaknesses, strengths and application of solar power energy. In addition, the book outlines the design and fabrication of solar energy technologies. Common technologies discussed include refrigeration, distillation, detoxification, and water pumping using solar generated power. The authors have analyzed photovoltaic power generated from solar power and its applications in remote site equipment that consume low power. Robert et al. advocate for the use of renewable energy sources that guarantee sustainability and environment conservation. In that regard, they discuss how to improve energy efficiency through use of renewable solar energy. The text is relevant since it outlines the suitability for using solar energy as a renewable energy source as compared to other sources.

Boxwell, Michael. Solar electricity handbook: a simple, practical guide to solar energy: How to design and install photovoltaic solar electric systems. 2011 ed., 4th ed. Ryton on Dunsmore, Warwickshire, U.K.: Greenstream Pub., 2011. Print.

Michael’s solar electricity handbook provides guidelines for using solar panels to generate electricity. He further outlines procedures followed to design and implement a photovoltaic solar system. For the sake of reference, this book comes along with a detailed website that contains the relevant solar resources and other information a solar user

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