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Apart from the mere academic achievements, the leadership qualities count a lot in the infantry. The types of students required by the Army are those who are good athletes as well, with potentiality to shape into good leaders.

If you decide not to serve beyond the agreed 5 years, there is lot of demand,

scope and respect for the ex-Commissioned Officers. You are assured of senior positions in business, especially on the technical and security areas, and thereafter you will have no problems about supporting the family.

Infantry Officers and men wear Army uniform according to the environment of their operation. The training is an all-environment training, such as mountain, desert, tropical and temperate. They are well trained to live off the land when then occasion arises. The training is intensive as well as extensive. That includes developing an ordinary individual into a tough Ranger/Officer in which they are trained to navigate, conduct clandestine combat missions in deserts, mountains, swamps and temperate terrains. You rise to different ranks that are part of the military hierarchy.

Recruitment at the entry level, Ranger is through US Military Recruiters. They are fully conscious of their duties and obligations, dedicated to the basic values of their service. they are a hardworking lot and tough professionals. The job of the recruiter is to find and provide qualified volunteers for a particular branch or service. This is, and has to be straightforward because it is concerned with the most important aspect relating to the existence of the Nation, its security! Let us say, for the recruiter it is his business as well. Any business man wants his business to prosper. It is a number game also. When the pressure from the superior authorities is intense to get a fixed number of volunteers, and when sufficient eligible candidates are not forthcoming, the Recruiter then tries other alternatives. They plan

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