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The older Chinese in our families opposed the discussion and asserted that women are fixing problems that do not exist. Definitely, this increased the ire of the more hot-headed members of my ingroup. She managed to control her anger, but I could see that she was enraged with her red face and nearly-tearful eyes. In this example, two groups competed over the power to influence the youth, wherein power is a limited resource that cannot be easily shared, as in the Realistic Conflict Theory. The outgroup wants females to remain submissive and perform largely domestic roles, while the ingroup desires gender equality, including equal roles and responsibilities in their home and work lives.

2. b. Indicate the vitalities of these two groups (high/medium, low, etc.) by comparing their relative positions on the main vitality factors separately — as well as their overall relative vitalities. Importantly, how did you arrive at these sets of judgments?

Since we are now in the United States of America, the outgroup mentioned in #1 has medium vitality compared to when they are in the rural areas of China. In China, many people continue to have gendered ideas about women’s and men’s functions and social status, especially when their culture and religion teach gendered values. Here in the U.S., we have high vitality in terms of mass media, education, government services, industry, religion, culture, and politics, especially when it comes to the discussion of gender issues. However, if I will analyze the same aspects that give our ingroup the vitality, they are not completely promoting gender equality. Mass media, for instance, sends mixed messages regarding traditional and non-traditional female roles and functions. Education continues to teach that some jobs are more appropriate for males than females because of the continuation of burden for females to take care of their families, so they rarely have

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