Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Own potential as a ‘Prospective Manager’.

A manager can carry out self-skills audit to identify, review and assess his / her own performance. A questionnaire may be helpful but is not a professional way to judge the skills. The right way would be to talk with other related people and managers and observe how do they achieve their objectives.

However following questionnaire contains example of some questions:

important role how does he / she handle the job. Management style in fact reflects the leadership of a manager and depends much upon the culture of the business and nature of the work and workforce. Following management theories of 20th century became obsolete now.

Motivation – Hierarchy of Needs: A.H. Maslow (1950 to 1960): Used to motivate people for his / her competency and creativity competencies, through his / her dignity – respect, love – affection, tutoring from protection and hunger.

As the name sounds a leader is a person who influences the others through his / her image and behavior which could be demonstrated by his / her intelligence, courage, skilful capabilities etc. A manager can develop and improve his / her leadership style through learning and practice. A manager can act as a leader adopting one or more following type of leadership styles:

Vision of life would be similar to a magnet pulling the iron articles. A life without vision puts long term objectives into dilemma and short term objectives become work-oriented. Vision is a dream, purposeful and object of any person or organization. It keeps motivated and focused all the time. Your vision should be conceived for your happiness, inspiration, enjoy and what you wanted. You may write and draw a meaningful vision and start acting on it.

Writing a mission statement is also a challenging job and requires brain exercise. Reflection of vision should fall in mission statement. Mission could be personal for life, organizational or departmental

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