Complete 13 page APA formatted essay: Module: Methods of Enquiry. topic: sustainable purchasing.

Data Presentation. Data for the proposed study will be collected from 200 respondents comprising the managers of medium and large-sized companies. Primary data will be mainly obtained from questionnaire survey to conduct the proposed research study.

Conclusion. The proposed study will be conducted systematically, so that findings obtained are reliable. Additionally, the research study will be principally based on quantitative research approach, which might be its limitation in terms of lacking rich data that might be obtained from conducting qualitative research approach.

In present scenario, organisations are required to conduct business operations with better competitiveness for sustaining in this competitive landscape. Notably, sustainability of business operations is fundamentally based on the performance level of the suppliers and three important pillars including economic, social and environmental aspects. The proposed research study will be conducted with the aim of monitoring the sustainability of an organisation’s suppliers across each of the aforementioned three pillars.

The present business market scenario has intensified with extreme competition owing to different factors that include globalisation and technological advancement among others. Globalisation and technology have been two important factors accountable for augmenting market competition. In this context, organisations are required to be competent in their approaches with the aim of ensuring that their respective business operations are conducted competitively. Presently, business performances of an organisation are based on three important pillars that include economic, social and environment. These three factors are equally important, ensuring that business operations are performed with better sustainability. Additionally, sustainability of business operations is also dependent on the performance level of the

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