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With such a profile, one would expect that there would be no intake of the metal in humans. However, the metal that is a common pollutant in soil, water and air is exposed to humans through these agents as well as food and consumer products (Kacew & Lee, 2013). The greatest exposure occurs through breathing it in or swallowing.

Exposure through the air is mainly as a result of motor vehicle exhaust resulting from the use of leaded gasoline (Who. int, 2014). The exhaust avails the lead in air, which is then taken into the body through breathing. Then there are the industrial sources such as lead manufacturing and recycling industries as well as smelters that result in the release of the metal into the air in the process of workings (National Research Council (U.S.), 2013). At home lead paints act as the main source of exposure through the air. The paint chips from the walls or movable objects, creating lead dust.

Naturally, lead occurs in small amounts in source water. However, the use of lead plumbing materials has made the metal available in drinking water in large amounts. The pipes leach the metal slowly into the water. Depending on the temperature, acidity and standing time on the water, large concentrations of lead may result from the plumbing with the low detectability of the metal making it prone to consumption (Who.int, 2014). The high cost of removing the old piping propagates this method of exposure. However, the contamination and therefore exposure to lead through water may be the result of secondary pollution of water by industrial effluents (National Research Council (U.S.), 2013). Exposure through foods results from the consumption of foods handled using lead based containers. Lead cans and ceramics provide chippings that are consumed with the food.

The presence of lead in the body may be detected by studying blood cells using a microscope for changes or using X-rays with the metal appearing as dense

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