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Critical assessment through the comparison of the two technologies and features of each is performed in this paper.

With developments and advancements in the different fields of production, technology and manufacturing, the desire was felt for bringing about advanced methods of handling these functions. In effort to overcome the challenges and stay abreast with the demands of the times, two techniques were introduced. Each of these techniques was a gift of Japanese automobile manufacturing company- Toyota (Allen, 2010, 17). Since its introduction, this technique and methodology has found large amount of success and implementation across the world. There are certain key features to these two techniques. These two techniques are namely T.Q.M acronym for Total Quality Management and Lean Manufacturing. Each of these has its own characteristic features and functions associated with them.

Part of the paper is aimed at understanding and finding the differences with regard to their implementation and specialization in terms of their operational scale and performance domain determination. The two concepts are the innovative ideas of the Toyota Production System that brought about these two concepts to advance and enhance the overall mechanism of production and manufacturing.

Each of the aforementioned schemes of production and manufacturing related function is attributed to the purpose of bringing about improvement in the organizational outlook and overall quality of services and products that are manufactured by the given organizations. This particular case takes account of Toyota motors that incorporates these two functions and gains maximum amount of benefit from it through different mechanisms and integration in different environments.

The case tries to present the different dimensions of the technology and techniques presented. It aims at understanding the

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