Write a 3 page essay on A PERSUASIVE ANALYSIS LETTER.

I would like to thank my audience, for all the support and encouragement, especially for all the good work that is begin put in by them. I do hope that the essay, “In Search of Justice”, by Nydia Velazquez, published in Rereading America (2010), will be helpful in delivering his duties at his office.

This essay does not seek any pithy measures to eradicate hunger but to merely bring about awareness to see and realize and not act as ‘frogs in wells’. This text by Velazquez is meant for open interpretation and deep analysis by the officials of the Welfare Department of the United States of America and by the people of America too, since not all of us are aware of figures and numbers that are mentioned in this essay. Although, nothing that is mentioned may be accurate but the methods notified in this paper are worth reconsidering.

The paper has a range of problems of the twenty first century that it has brought forth. problems ranging from poverty, hunger, illiteracy, as well as environmental hazards. The array of problems pointed out by Velazquez may not be new but they are certainly timely. After pointing out the dire need to rescue the people and children of certain sections from poverty and hunger, her focus changes to the environmental hazards that America and its people had landed themselves into. She goes on to explain the interconnection between the two issues, i.e. they are directly proportionate to each other.

In this essay, Nydia has certainly brought the limelight on one of the prime focus of the 21st century-poverty and hunger, and how to deal with them- in a rather logical and coherent manner. She believes that poverty and hunger are characteristics of a weak government and are elemental to national disgrace. She gives statistical proof of how the rich only gets richer and the poor only get poorer in America. The concerns of poverty and hunger lie in between dire to moderate hunger but hunger nevertheless. She

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