Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Lecture Summaries #5.

However, upon assuming his position as the president, Franklin Roosevelt’s determination to make effective changes to the economy led him into developing a program identified as the New Deal. This program was a representation of the culmination of long-term trends towards abandoning the “laissez-faire” capitalism to regulating the railroads, as well as the introduction of a number of reform legislations. The main aim of the program was to rid the nation from the financial illness that was paralyzing it.

Some of the changes realized after the introduction of the New Deal are inclusive of the adoption of a program advocating for cooperation between the government and private businesses. On the other hand, President Roosevelt established a central economic planning in order to rescue capitalism as well as guarantee that the government was democratically representative. He used funds from the government to uplift the economy (America in the 20th Century, 10). Conversely, the New Deal utilized government policies for the redistribution of wealth from the wealthy individuals in the country, to the individuals in need. One of the causes leading to the economic crisis during the great depression was the heavy loans the banks gave to investors for stock purchases. The second New deal led to the introduction of social reform programs that would strengthen the commitment of the nation to create jobs and provide security against unemployment, illnesses and old age.

The articles on the Second World War provide a revelation of some of the factors that led to its commencement as well as the way Americans responded to the war. Some of the factors leading to the commencement of the war include the fact that there were a number of unresolved issues from the First World War, outbursts from the worldwide economic depression and the stock crash in the year 1929, and American isolationism among other factors. One of the causes leading to

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