Write 5 page essay on the topic The fourth of july.

The day started out with me waking up to the explosion of a few fireworks and I remembered how I promised A to go with her for the Independence Day celebration events. My cousins had stayed over the previous day, and once I was done with my morning routine and headed downstairs, I saw the whole kitchen bustling with excited young energy. The radio was blaring with Fourth of July related theme songs in the kitchen, whereas in the living room the television showed news regarding the various events of the day. I was not surprised to find A making merry with the elders of my family and I began to realize how much close she had become with us. “Good morning, sleepyhead,” she happily shrieked, to which I replied “A very good morning to you too miss cheeky-full-of-energy.” My cousins and I got ready soon and once I was done with breakfast, we left, but only after A reminded the elders that if they were lucky, they could spot us on television on channel ‘WETA TV 26.’

The plan was to spend the day in Washington, DC, attending all the events held there and getting home only after, as A ordered, we had the real taste of Fourth of July. “Hurry up, or we’re going to miss the train people!” she exclaimed, and I frantically ushered my four cousins into the metro. I could swear I have never seen the station so overcrowded before, not to mention the train itself. What I could notice from the tiny gap between my cousins was the happy faces of people who were in the train. This particular train population consisted of people dressed up in different styles related to the nation’s flag, and belonging to different age groups, as well as those who were unique in their own ethnicity, race and culture. I was amazed at how the train stood testimony to the growing multiculturalism in the North American mainstream (Kottak and Kozaitis). We were headed to the National Mall, and upon observing the people that surrounded us, I could gather that they had the same

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