Write a 2 page essay on Film Assignment.

The girl can no longer participate in the online dating and hence misses an opportunity to date a boy that she likes. In the Twilight zone Episode, the absence of color in the film is an essence. The dreamlike atmosphere in the film would not have been achieved had it been filmed in color (Serling YouTube).

The Twilight Zone could not have properly been itself in color. Lack of color makes the film enter a special, sometimes eerie world, and this is perfectly expressed by the black and white. It is a rarefied atmosphere. Absence of color creates timeless in the film (Serling YouTube). Mr. Henry Bemis hides to read books and even risks absconding duties to read books (Serling YouTube). He is at last in the world without anyone. Although the absence of his wife gives him freedom to read, the absence of people worries him. Indeed, the absence of people makes him uncomfortable (Serling YouTube). The absence of people in the Henry’s new world depicts emptiness in henry’s life despite his new found freedom. He almost shoots himself due to loneliness. In this case, the essence of absence suffices by the loneliness, wording, and the empty background, which has no life.

Another essence of absence helps create a theme of loneliness or isolation. Many films explore these motifs as depicted by the Twilight episode (Serling YouTube). this is created by use of characters battling their own psychological challenges or quite simply, being stranded in a place far, far away with the aim of figuratively creating the ‘lonely’ characters perception in the viewer. They brood and emotionally charge the viewer to have an ideal scenario of loneliness (Serling YouTube). Victor Sjostrom, the main character in the Twilight episode goes through an excursion where he confronts recurring nightmares and visions, of fractured human relationships from his past he seems lonely and mentally disturbed and as well battling with emotions brought about by his past memories

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