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The government must therefore protect these rights as they develop on the identified individuals with the abilities and the talents, as the key responsibility of the state is to protect its entire citizen and their wealth (Mill and Ryan, 2006). The government will tend to do this by enacting policies and rules that are geared towards the protection of both talent and ability. Talent and ability are one of the greatest resources of any given country since as the individuals become creative in the efforts to enrich themselves resource wise, they in turn lead to the growth and development of the whole country and its inhabitants.

It is certain that property in the society is not divide equally and the property that is not divided equally exist in different forms which include the following:- there is the category which involves either land or business property. Some of the property owners in the society own property in form of land and indeed large tracts of the land depending on their ability to acquire the land (Rousseau and Cress, 1987). The other groups in the society own property in form of business ventures and franchises operating them jealously and zealously practices that are normally unfair and unjust. Moreover, it is coupled with a lot of irregularities and unfair practices. some of these practices are either ethical or unethical in nature. The round objective though is one that of acquiring property. hence, a protection from the government of the abilities and the talent if called for (Mill and Ryan, 2006).

The other reason that individuals in the society own wealth or property in an unequal manner is because of the sole reason that there are many injustices in democratic governments of the day. James Madison in his writings argues that the governments of the day more or less tend to favor those who support or supported them in their efforts to become the

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