Complete 9 page APA formatted essay: Who is jack the ripper.

This fear was further aggravated due to social and economic conditions of the-then London. With over two hundred individual considered as suspects, this serial murderer mystery remained unresolved even after a century which has given it an outlook of most fearful murders of all times.

The murders begin in 1888 in East London which was flooded with Jews and Russian migrants trying hard to make a better living. The place was even a hub of many brothels and sex-rental houses, where reaching a woman was not an issue. Murders of prostitutes and sex-servers was not an astonishing news for many at that time since these prostitutes were at the mercy of clients, owners of the brothels and even the gangsters. Constant tortures, physical attacks, and murders were part and parcel of prostitution industry. Even discussing these subjects was considered inappropriate in the civilized part of London. However, a wave of fear captivated London where a similar pattern accompanied by threatening and rather mocking letters was identified by London Police and Scotland Yard. These methods of conducting murders bear striking resemblance giving it a profile of serial killing and the letters received further assured that there is a murderer in town, with notorious intentions for women.

Although Jack the Ripper only committed five murders which only lasted for three months, the question arises what makes him stand out when the history is full of serial killers with much brutal methods of murdering. Careful analysis would reveal that there are various elements that added to the mystery and made it eternal. Historical analysis of the print media would show that it was mainly the newspaper which added fury to the living conditions of East London. East London, itself was full of low-life residents with economic depravity, living in violent neighborhoods where disease was common. What gave Ripper a menacing outlook was the intensive reporting by

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