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This might be owing to the development approach of the government of the nation’s towards this particular sector (Chou & et. al., 2003). Contextually, this particular essay will ensure a thorough discussion about why the Far East Asia port market is one of the fastest growing ones in the world along with analysing various factors that contribute in making the market a faster growing one.

Observably, East Asia is regarded as one of the fastest growing port sectors of the world, which is largely owing to the export growth strategies persisting within this particular region of the world. The port industry in this particular region of the world has seen substantial changes over the years and it has developed to the maximum level. History depicts that this particular sector had seen noteworthy neo liberal changes that acted as a major aspect towards the development of port sector in the East Asia region. Notably, Asia is amid the major renowned regions of the world in terms of international trade owing to the continuous economic development from the 80s to the modern day scenario. With continuous economic growth in the Far East Asian regions, people became quite concern towards earning a better life for themselves, which further encouraged them towards developing manufacturing and production systems. This depicts the first postulate of production factors. However, as per the second postulate, people belonging to this region were not quite capable of conducting every work efficiently in earlier days, which further resulted in trade amid various regions. With the emergence of trade in this sector, the demands for container port services have increased rapidly. Observably, the combine capacity of Far East Asian ports in terms of handling volumes is recorded to be 107 TEUs, which is again expected to rise in between 254 million TEUs and 306 million TUEs by the year 2015. It has been noted that

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