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Along with much other industry airline industry is also expanding its business in Qatar. Airlines are one of the fast expanding industries in the world. British airways are the largest airline company based on its international flights, fleet size, destinations. The company is based in London.

This Airline Company gets a strong backing of UK Govt. It was established in 1972 by UK Government. From that time it has became a strong player in this industry. It gets a huge support from the government for maintaining its efficient and effective service. British Airlines has a strong presence in UK. It is doing its business for a long time. Therefore nationally and internationally its presence is strongly felt. The company has a strong brand presence. It deals with many international flights and gives a memorable experience to its customers by providing excellent services. It is counted as a leading brand in the airlines industry. The company has an excellent global presence as it provide flights to almost every country of the world. It covers nearly 150 international destinations of six continents of the world. The fleet size of British Airways is over 260 aircrafts. The company is having a strong and prosperous partnership with United Airlines. British Airways forms one world airline. It is the third largest airline company.

The company is facing a strong competition from Cash Rich Middle Eastern Airlines. This airline company is becoming very popular day by day by offering equivalent services and facilities like British Airways. This intense competition limits the market share of British Airways. It is losing its customers of its competitor. The company is also facing the problem of poor employee relation which is not properly handled by the company. In British Airways change and innovation in the service offered is slightly slow.

The important marketing

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