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It had the good foresight that GSM will be replaced by a new technology, and so it was not afraid to take the risk. Its advances in technology were brought by this excellent foresight. T-mobile boats of its “latest technologies and modern multimedia services” faring well with its fiercest competitors such as Vodafone.

“In line the Companys vision of ‘Connected life and work’, the mobilization of personal social networking is at the heart of T-Mobiles corporate activities” (Deutsche Telekom, 2009). An example of this is their mobile internet offering, the web’n’walk which enables customer to have a mobile access to the internet. Taking advantage of its wide product portfolio, Deutsche Telekom Group has increasingly its integrated product portfolio, “which enables standardized access to personal data like music, videos and addresses across all terminal equipment and which also provides for ever more integrated services on an increasing number of mobile devices” (Deutsche Telekom, 2009).

In an industry where technology spells success, T-Mobile’s key culture is its fast, timely and courageous innovation. Taking advantage of its wide business portfolio, Deutsche Telekom Group has never stopped to amaze its customers with innovative and valuable IT solutions.

“This becomes even clearer with mobile web surfing: T-Mobile was the first provider in Europe to give its customers open access to the Internet and thus offer them unrestricted access to the web. The range of news, films, music and infotainment available to customers is constantly growing” (Deutsche Telekom, 2009).

Currently, Deutsche Telekom is “is systematically gearing its business to broadband services and mobile Internet” as this is the need of the hour (Deutsche Telekom, 2009). This is in congruent to their vision of connected life and work. Recently, it has adapted its “Focus, fix and grow” strategy which is

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