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Pollution could also destroy the ozone layer thus altering the climatic condition of the region. This would significantly affect the residents since in terms of tourism since it is one of the major economic activities in the area (Mullerat & Brennan, 2011).

•Mission statement: they aim at being the best-loved boutique hotel and restaurant by the guests, owners, and all stakeholders by provide excellent service and care and delivering financial returns to investors (Clarke & Chen, 2009).

The company has been involved in multiple social responsibilities. However, regarding the loyalty of the customers that has enabled the company to be among the best in the world, it is only fair that the company continue giving back to the society. The headquarter of Kimpton is located in one of the largest cities in the area (Sun, Stewart, & Pollard, 2010). This means that the population in the area is high: and densely populated. With the improved economic conditions in the area due to high tourism levels, most of the population here own cars and the remaining part of the population use public transport. Some of these cars could result into air pollution if they happen to emit fumes. In addition, this city houses various companies and industries. Such industries pollute the environment through emission of dangerous fumes and introducing waste material into the water sources.

Considering that the organization is aimed at creating a good brand image, reducing the levels of pollution is a good move to ensure that the organization saves money from the residents of the area. The reason is that air or water pollution could result into multiple health defects and reducing or eliminating them saves this medical money for such residents (Hancock, 2009). The program is very cost effective especially considering that the company already campaigns for the use of renewable energy in the

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