Complete 12 page APA formatted essay: Project Report communication barrier at 2 sister foods group scunthorpe.

Employee performance declines sharply and employers lose the employee confidence because of communication barriers. Inadequate verbal and non verbal communication results in bitterness and a significant gap between the employees and employers. Communication barriers must be identified in order for effective communication to happen.

In the food industry, business processes heavily relies on communication. Understanding communication barriers leads to enhancing communication. This paper aims at investigating the communication barriers at 2 sisters Food group and identifying how communication can be improved in a multicultural organization. The research also aims at pointing out the impacts of communication barriers to the productivity of the business and general operations. Communication barriers affect the relationship between employers and employees. The food industry sector employs a significant number of people. The success of the industry depends of communication effectiveness. In this context, communication is viewed as meaningful interaction among the people in an organization. This interaction results in the meaning being perceived and understood by the parties. This process can be interrupted by a variety of barriers resulting to business failures. Improved communication depends on the elimination of the communication barriers.

The literature review is dedicated to having a deeper and better understanding of various theories and models that guide the phenomenon of communication. It could therefore be said that the literature review is being undertaken as a form of conceptual framework on communication to have a better understanding of existing models of communication and selecting the most appropriate model that can be instituted at 2 Sisters Foods Group Scunthorpe. After a thorough analysis of various models of communication, the constructionist model is

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