Write 10 page essay on the topic Job Satisfaction and Motivation.

ion of those models to real-life situations, the issue still has the potential to slip and fall into an unknown zone which requires further resolution at that point of time . This uncertainty precisely explains our time being` interesting ‘ above.

We can safely deduce that every economic system in the world is in a state of transition and discovery but at the same time,

there appears to be an utmost urgency to adjust and move forward. Deadlines have to be completed with creation of scope for future targets and growth not in the brutish might but in a benignly creative environment and that is where a plethora of motivational ideas regarding the employees’ job satisfaction as well as the supervisors and the very important issues of conflict resolution have to be explored to be applied to micro and macro models of management. The skill lies in getting the idea communicated throughout top and bottom and capitalizing on the same with a willingness on the part of the employees to understand , adhere and apply the idea whose time has come and is instrumental in enhancing the fortunes of all and sundry.

The talk of job satisfaction and the motivation that produces it are the buzzwords nowadays and reasonably so. However, it includes a combination of ideas of diverse nature relating to environment, political and economic systems and a major part of the same is determined by the socio-cultural and religious orientations. While we talk of motivation and job satisfaction, the employees and the employers must know and have a clear idea what they mean by the same . It is thus profoundly important that communication flows across the organizational pyramid

While there are different theories and management models to define Motivation and Job Satisfaction and also in certain ways it is imperative for the human resource to be well oiled to enhance the productivity and output, it is however, broadly stated that

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