Write 5 page essay on the topic Family Medical Leave Act.

The employees should meet the 1250 minimum working hours under their current positions, as well, to gain eligibility to have the leave. The law outlines the procedure for the acquisition of a leave under the act.

An eligible qualified employee for the leave files a thirty-day advanced request for leave. The acceptance of the request filed by the employee depends on the employer’s receipt of the required documents for approval. There is a provision for eighteen days for the return of certification healthcare forms from a qualified healthcare provider. Non-compliance with the provisions outlined in the procedure amounts to non-approval of the request for the leave. At the end of the leave, the employee brings a notification, from the health provider, stating the position of the employee to return to duty. The notification shall provide, where need be, restrictions that the employee should consider in relation to the execution of duty. The notification submission is a day before the employee returns from the leave.

The FMLA covers a number of categories of employers in various sectors. It covers employers who have fifty or more than that number of employees under their service. It covers state employers. Also covered in the act are local government employers. The later does not have any provision of the minimum number of employees (Alexander & Alexander, 2005). Under the law, there are provisions that allow employees to who is eligible to take work leaves. The employees’ right to take twelve weeks to leave should have its basis on the various reasons stipulated therein, within any period of twelve months.

The circumstances, under which the break can be granted, include the birth of a child. An employee also has the right to a work break within twelve months period to take care of a newborn. The law also provides for work breaks for employees for reasons of placement of a child, by the employee.&nbsp.

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