Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Internship.

In addition, the communication goal entails having proficient skills in the written materials that I pass on to other departments.

It is vital that this goal was achievable. This regards the fact that it possessed direct and achievable procedures in attaining its proficiency. In building the same,

it was the same to build on a feasible rapport with the employees and mangers. This became the fundamental idea in highlighting the vital strategies in enhancing communication. This relates to the idea that communication is vanity without a core rapport with the partners in the same. The goal was to make the employees friends. In this sense, I could articulate proper responses and communication to fellows.

To begin with, proper listening skills were vital accompaniment of communication. This occurred from the realization that individuals pay attention to those who conduct the same (Buhler 78). This means that communication was a means to achieving other objectives of affectivity in relationships. Listening was essential for manifesting caring nature in the conversations. More essentially, daily conversations contributed to enhancing relations and communication skills. The practical way of achieving the same pertained to asking relevant questions.

In addition, gratitude was an essential way of engaging others in building one’s communication skills. Since the HR department dealt with employees’ welfare, it was vital to express appreciation for their work. This was an essential way of creating response scenarios with employees. More essentially, it was vital to express appreciation in amiable ways. This pertained to avoidance of sarcasm in the same scenarios. In close relation to the same, expression of empathy helped build communication platforms with employees. It creates mutually benefitting scenarios for constructive communication.

Additionally, humor was a superb skill of enhancing communication. It was an

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