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According to the play paragraph presented, the relation between the speaker and other people has been affected by his mentality or perception towards them. He sees other people as advantaged having compared his daily occurrences to theirs. According to his perception, his life occurrences are the worst compared to any other person. All these can be proven by the utterances in the last four sentences of the given play paragraph.

The speaker in the last paragraph of the play admits that he cannot meet his full objective based on his personality and set to fake and try a new pattern. As per my perception, the speaker is very intelligent and trusts his personality. This can be proven by his words in the first three sentences that he is determined to prove villain since he cannot prove a lover in the fair well-spoken days (Wells, 32). The speaker is a hard working and determined person. His change of pattern shows that he is a character that can go to extreme to achieve his desire. This can be explained by his utterance in the seventh sentence of the given paragraph. In this sentence, the speaker plots to set his brother Clarence and the king in a deadly hate to prove villain (Wells, 32).

Comparing the two lines of the play paragraphs, the speaker failed in accomplishing his life desire in the right path as those who chose the villain path succeed. This has brought a change in the speaker’s perception about his personality that he is set to abandon his personality achieve his desire. The soul reason is to prove villain and drive people back to reality. As per my perception, induction is always the best mode of logical thought though surrounded by minor setbacks (Wells, 34). Induction is a slow process that is based on reality while deduction is based on presumption that tends to drive people to the shortest way possible to achieve their life desire. According to the first paragraph, the

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