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Moreover the martial art of Kung Fu widely acclaimed in China is found to act as a common stunt piece for many Chinese, Japanese and Hollywood films. Further observation made suggests that the Chinese martial art form, Kung Fu has earned a figure statement. With Kung Fu mostly masculine bodies with high power muscles earning a spectacular vision is mostly tied to.

Thus, the martial art of Kung Fu has been associated to a body genre accompanied by heavy sound effects like shrieks and thuds. To this extent, it is found that the Chinese martial arts films are the products of a culture mix. (Hunt, 2-3).

The martial arts used in the Chinese film industry in the late 1960s emanated from the tactics used by the Samurai form of Japanese Martial Art. Research made suggests that in the earlier periods of Hong Kong film industry the Chinese form of martial art drew a fictional significance to that of the western action films. Moreover it was found that the Kung Fu form of Chinese martial art was blended with other cinematic instruments such as comedy, stunt and action filled antics. Even it is observed that film stars who were previously well known for their martial art skills now using less of martial art skills and focusing on showing stunts and antics. The level of stunts used in the Hong Kong action films owes their contribution to the effect of Chinese Opera on the fighting stars. However, it is recognized that still the fighting choreography has a close resemblance to the traditional martial arts form. The Kung Fu form of martial art finds its connection to the Southern part of the Chinese republic. Northern China was more concerned with the advent of sword fighting techniques used in action films. However, the use of Kung Fu in the Hong Kong action films has helped the cinemas earn a global repute in a short span of time. The Kung Fu films

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