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Dealing with kids require extreme patience and composure. Also, I feel for someone like me who’s working in Florida, knowledge of the Spanish language can be very useful because of the major Spanish speaking populace out here.

A. Obviously, when you start working you realize that things are far from ideal or like you said expectations are not met. It took some getting used to but I conformed to the working environs quickly and now I am pretty comfortable working here in South Memorial. The doctors and other co-workers are nice and I have a nice rapport with them. Again, I’d say working with kids has been the biggest perk for me.

A. The worst experience was that of the death of an infant from influenza whom I was treating. It was a beautiful baby boy who was just a month old. I had grown quite fond of him while nursing him and his death was a big setback to me . I remember it was the first time I cried a lot at work in the changing room.

A. Sometimes, I feel the job of a nurse is very thankless. Especially, for me who happens to be a nurse in the pediatrics department. The attitude of the parents is far from grateful at times, in fact quite rude sometimes. It is understandable as they are all very emotionally attached to their children and can’t bear to see them in pain but then they have to understand that as nurses we are just doing our job. I also get wrung out from working long hours sometimes. The job of a nurse can be physically very demanding at times. sometimes I have to go without food and even water for long stretches in my service time.

A. I am that kind of a person who doesn’t have long-term goals. Yeah, my friends keep reproaching me for my shortsightedness and callous attitude towards my future and career but I just can’t think of what I’ll be doing or where I’ll be more than 2 years down the line. 3 tops. Meanwhile, I am absolutely in love with my job here in

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