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Today, international terrorism has become a major threat to the security of the United States.

Domestic terrorism in the United States has been a big threat in the 20th century. The Los Angeles Times Building and the Wall Street bombing are examples of bombings that happened early in the 1920s. In the later 1990s, there was evidence of Unabomber attacks that used sophisticated technology. For instance, a mathematics professor Theodore was involved in the design of letter bombs that exploded on opening. However, the government has put enough efforts to disarm bombers and to contain the threat. The counter terrorism body has remained all eyes in containing domestic violence and has intercepted such actions with great efficiency. Clancy (2012), the deputy assistant director of the counter terrorism division stated that although the risk stills persists the public has little to worry as domestic violence is no longer a threat in America.

However, the US government has a new problem to handle. In the recent past, the United States has had friction with hostile groups such as the Al-Qaeda, resulting into new threat of international terrorism. International terrorism is a greater reason to worry than domestic violence due to the severity of these attacks. For instance, in 11th September, 2011, the Al-Qaeda attacked the twin towers in United States killing over 3,000 citizens. Although various efforts have been launched to end the tension between US and Al-Qaeda, it is clear that there is likelihood of a revenge mission following the US involvement in the war in Iraq. The US president Barack Obama has put efforts to apply diplomacy in neutralizing the threat but since Al-Qaeda is a violent group, international terrorism remains a major threat whose solution is yet to be found (Clancy, 2012). On this ground, neutralizing domestic violence has been a great leg for America but the challenge of international terrorism is still

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