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In some countries, nearly ninety percent or more than women are working women while in some countries, the ratio of working women is very negligible. The research on this topic will be a great help for people who deny the importance of women. Moreover, this topic will also facilitate towards knowing about the real part that working women play in the lives of their family.

Some people regard working women as neglecting their children and family for their own interest while others regard the working women as supportive and helpful for their family. The research will inform in detail about the role of working women, the problems that they face in performing their role and how men look towards the role of working women in a society.

The target audiences of this paper are my class fellows, teachers and other people who want to know about the real role of women in any society. Women have to face many problems in their workplaces but they cope up with the difficulties they face in order to support their family. Also, if the male member of the family is unable to earn on the basis of some problem like physically disability or unemployment, the working woman is always there to let its family fulfill their basic needs.

The paper will start with an introduction in which, working women and their role will be introduced in terms of different professions in which, women can be found. The introduction will also introduce my basic theme that I want to discuss in my research paper that is the beneficent role of working women. The introduction will give an overview of the whole topic.

After introduction, a literature review will be added to the research paper that will contain an argument by means of authorial writings of writers who have written on the topic of working women. The literature review will be the major part of the research as with the help of

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